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Welcome to Divabug Designs

Let me introduce name in the outside realm, otherwise known as real life... is Judi Duke. In various realms around the world wide web I am known as Judibug, Judibug Designs, and Divabug... oh, and Syntavia Forare when I'm gaming...

I come from a talented family of artists...I unfortunately did not inherit even the minutest ability to  draw or paint anything smaller than a room...I love decorating and design, I just had no outlet for my imagination...until I discovered PSP. Not the game system...the digital painting program...I finally found my medium!

My adventures into the world of 3d graphics started with Paint Shop Pro...web sites, blinkies, sig tags and snowglobes...while "Tubing surfing" I found a site with these wonderful images...then I discovered where so many of the awesome images were coming from...this place called Poser...(insert dramatic music here)

Fast forward 5 plus years and here I am...and here you are...                                  In my little corner of the universe, this place called Divabug Designs,  you can find some of my Poser freebies, links to products and of course some of my artwork. Feel free to look around...there is some important information in the copyright and legal section so please stop by there first.  You will also find links to some of the other realms I visit now and then...I find them great places to visit and I'm sure you will too...Be sure to check out my musings page for the latest news in the world of Divabug Designs.